why i love it here

tonight was just one of those nights that reminds me why i love where i go to school.  even with the ‘rigorous academics’ and crazy cold weather most of the year, nights like this make it all worth it.  it started with ‘sophomore sanctuary’ which is a ridiculous new name my friends created for our bible study/prayer and worship time that we are continuing from last year.  we couldn’t find anywhere inside to have it, so we sat on a little patch of grass near the main quad, and spent an hour and a half praising the lord, studying his word, and lifting one another up.  we talked about the ways in which god was at work this summer in everyone’s lives, and i had to try really hard not to cry of pure joy.  seeing how christ in moving in the hearts of my friends and their families is incredible.  it makes me desire the same level of intimacy and relationship that they have with the creator.  a night like that was exactly what we needed to reconnect as friends after an entire summer apart.

after finishing up our time together, everyone went their separate ways to study and go about various business.  katie and i decided we would go get a table together and read for our classes.  well… absolutely no reading was accomplished, but one of the most heartfelt conversations was had.  we talked about how we wanted to grow in the lord this year and how we wanted to serve him better.  being able to pray for one another about these things, and keep each other accountable is exactly what we needed.  i couldn’t ask for a better conversation than what was had tonight.

i love my friends.  i love this place.  i’m so thankful that this is where the lord has me for this season of life.  i can’t wait to continue to see the fruits of the relationships that are formed here.  and mostly, i’m excited about the ways in which the lord will continue to grow and strengthen me here.  it’s a journey, but the lord is my guide, and he has placed incredible people here for me along the way.

‘as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.’ – proverbs 27:17

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