hiding behind the camera

one of my goals for the year is to get out from behind the camera a little more. i’m always the one taking pictures, so i’m rarely in any (and um… i kind of like it that way.) but i know that one day i’ll want to have some pictures of myself… proof that i was actually present for the things my friends and i did in college. so, when gretchen asked if instead of me taking pictures of her, she could take pictures of me, i (with a lot of persuasion) obliged. here is my favorite shot from our little photo shoot. so this is me, in my attempts to get out from behind the camera.

maybe after my biology test tomorrow i’ll have time to write a post that’s more than a picture and a paragraph.

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One Response to hiding behind the camera

  1. Annie says:

    that’s a gorgeous photo! you should let people take more photos of you – you’re beautiful!
    ahh yes home will be a wonderful change of pace. i’m excited!
    thank you so much! have a wonderful week yourself. :]
    p.s. you’re totally right – lowercase letters are definitely the way to go.

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