my third home

i took this picture of our science building last week, on a day highly out of character weather wise for this school. if it’s not raining or cloudy, it’s snowing and cold! just kidding… but your really have to soak up the nice days at the beginning of the fall semester because the weather changes really fast. (i will remain positive about that this year, though!)

anyway, as a biochemistry major, i spend most of my time in this building. one of my goals is to go to the top of the clock tower before i graduate. you get to do it if you join the physics club, but i’m hoping to find an alternative plan that does not involved that, since i loathe physics, haha.

now it’s off to fail take my biology exam. pray for me.

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6 Responses to my third home

  1. Ambrosia says:

    You take absolutely beautiful photos!!

    • mary grace says:

      thank you! i’ve been working on trying to take better photos lately, but i have to give some credit to the camera. my nikon d40 was one of the best things i’ve ever purchased… obviously you don’t have to have a nice camera to take nice pictures, but it sure doesn’t hurt! :)

  2. chloe says:

    what a gorgeous building! which college are you at if you mind me asking?

    • mary grace says:

      hmmm, not sure i’m ready to divulge my exact wherabouts to all of the blog world just yet, haha! but it’s a small private school in pa, all of the buildings really are beautiful and i really love it here.

  3. Kylee says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I so appreciate it!

    I love your blog and your photography. It seems like I’m meeting all sorts of people in blog land that are great with photography and it’s making me a little bit jealous. : ) I would love to get better at it, but I seriously lack that artsy edge.

    Hope your bio test went well. Have a great week!


    • mary grace says:

      really loved your blog as well, and definitely plan to keep reading it!

      my artsy abilities start and end with photography. and honestly, i’m not even that good at it, yet. but i just keep shooting away and hopefully will just keep improving!

      the bio test was killer, but hopefully there will be a curve. :)

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