refine me

so, sunday in church, the message was a continuation of the “this side up” series we have been working on, and our pastor spoke about refinement.  his message was fantastic, and the lord really used it to teach me.  here is combination of what i took away from the message, as well as some related things that have been on my heart in the past few days.

just as silver cannot refine itself, but needs a silversmith to work with it, we cannot refine ourselves and need the lord to work to refine us.  however, how well this refining works depends on how we respond.  and when we submit instead of resist, god does amazing things.  take jonah, for instance.  at first he resisted (and um, god really showed him what was up.) but when he finally submitted to the lords plans, god used him to change and save an entire city.  how awesome.  but, god is not going to force us to be refined.  it has to be a choice.  we have to allow our silversmith to work with us.  this is not going to be easy.  in fact, often times it’s going to be painful and hard.  but god is not looking to change our circumstances, he’s looking to change us.  to refine us.  just as a silversmith knows that his silver is refined when he can see his reflection in it, our refining process is moving toward completion when our lives reflect the savior.  obviously, the process will never be complete this side of heaven, but the more we submit to god, the more he will refine us and make us more like him.  and that’s the point.

god… refine me and change me into the person you want me to be.  i know it will not be easy, but lord i want to submit to your will for my life and allow you to use me to shine yourself to everyone i come in contact with.  help me to daily surrender my own will so that i can better know and do yours.  move my refining process more toward completion, and use me to change lives.  amen.

“i will refine them like silver and test them like gold.  they will call my name and i will answer them; i will say, ‘they are my people’ and they will say, ‘the lord is our god'” – zechariah 13:9

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