fire alarms, pandas, and my blogging hiatus

oh man… thing’s have been crazy around here lately.  to start with, my computer hard drive died, and i was sans computer for 8 days… hence the blogging hiatus over the last week and a half.

tuesday morning, around 6am, the fire alarm in my dorm started blaring, requiring immediate evacuation, into the pouring rain.  we were stuck in the chapel for about half an hour, because, once they cleared the building and determined that there was no real fire/danger, they could not get the alarms to turn off.  it was completely ridiculous, and all day long, the alarms kept coming back on.  luckily they got everything worked out eventually, and we were able to sleep.  i can’t even imagine what would have happened if they were going off all night.  insanity.

so, about the pandas.  please watch this news story… lets just talk about how absurd this is, hahahahaha.

wow.  i don’t really know what else to say about that, other than the fact that i totally saw the panda, gorilla, and marching band member around 12:15 that night.  hahahaha.  oh gcc.

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