my computer hates me

well, two days after getting my computer back post hard drive failure, the battery decided to swell and die as well. so, my computer was once again out of commission, and the blog was neglected. haha. anyway, things are all better now and (hopefully) things will run smoother.

i don’t have much time to write tonight, because i have a lot of studying to do. i’ve been thinking a lot lately about how at this point in my life i have been called to be a student, so i need to be glorifying god through my schoolwork. and that means i need to do my best to honor him through that… something i’m not really sure i’m doing so well right now. but more on that soon. for now, i’m going to go do some real studying and get the heck off the computer.

and because i’ve decided that this post definitely needs a picture, here’s one of adorable baby k:
i can hear your squeals through the computer, and i wholeheartedly agree. he’s adorable. the little guy has me completely wrapped around his tiny baby finger. ♥

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2 Responses to my computer hates me

  1. Annie says:

    aww, he’s super cute.
    ahh! i hope your computer doesn’t have any more issues! technology failing is never fun.
    breathe deep. study hard. praise Jesus.
    have a blessed week, MG. :]

    • mary grace says:

      i love that. breathe deep. study hard. praise Jesus. just wrote it down and hung it on my desk. thank you for the encouragement! hopefully you had a fabulous week and weekend. :]

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