so, homecoming at the college is kind of a big deal.  there are events all week leading up to the return of all the alumni on saturday, including a crazy dance on friday night.  i’m talking loud music, tons of people, and delicious food!  we didn’t grab a picture of all our friends, but gretchen and i did take a couple pictures together before we left the room.

so, i’m standing really weirdly in this picture.  i’m not actually that large in real life, haha.

my incredible roommate and me.

the dance was great fun.  we actually lost our homecoming football game, but both the girls and guys soccer teams beat our rivals, so that was exciting.  plus there was an insane parade, and i got candy, so i really can’t complain!  now it’s off to a fall party/bonfire.  should be an interesting saturday night.  i’m excited.

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