weekend in review.

alternately titled: photo overload.

this weekend was supposed to be an organic chemistry study fest. it wasn’t. it was way fun. and while i’m sure i will regret it tonight when i’m studying hard core, and tomorrow morning when i’m taking my exam, right now i am quite happy and relaxed. and that’s something i needed.

on saturday afternoon, a group of friends and i drove out to mcconnell’s mill state park.  it was absolutely beautiful there with all the leaves shades of bright yellow, orange, and red.  we had such a fun time hiking, climbing, and goofing around.  here is a small sampling of the 218 photos i snapped in the three hours we were there.

the waterfall outside the mill

caroline contemplating jumping

she made it, haha.

spring water

a super attractive picture of when i got stuck between two rocks, hahaha.

we were up high.

the trees were beautiful.

caroline and holt.

they climbed up ridiculously high.

we had been at the mill for all of about 10 minutes when mark started talking about sandwiches and how we should have brought some and how badly he wanted one, and didn’t stop until we actually wound up driving to his house and making some.  but while we were hiking, caroline made a bark and leaf sandwich so he would stop complaining. :)

love her.


beautiful trail.

seriously beautiful.

mark the reindeer?  who even knows what he was doing.

anyway, we had a great time together.  and now, i need to go study for organic chem.  have a great tuesday!

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One Response to weekend in review.

  1. Annie says:

    those are gorgeous, gorgeous photos! i love autumn.

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