monster mash

so, friday night we had a halloween dance. my friend amy and i had basically the greatest costumes ever.
in case you don’t get it, she’s my facebook creeper. :)
(and please just ignore the poorly whited out last names… it’s late and i’m too lazy to do a better job than that in paint, haha)

here are pictures of the sides:

and in case you couldn’t tell from the first picture, i had a sharpie and people could “write on my wall.”  basically, it was hilarious and awesome and everyone loved it.  which was great.

here are some other photos from the monster mash:

gretchen was the tooth fairy… which is hilarious because her father is a dentist.

gretchen brushing katie’s teeth.

the tooth fairy, facebook, a mermaid, scarlett o’hara, and a fish.

roomies dancing it out. :)

caroline and mareah were salt and pepper!  adorable.

levi and holt = hilarious

it was a really great night filled with crazy costumes, dancing, and way too many sugar high people.  love it.

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