jon and emily

so, while i have a decent camera and i absolutely love to take pictures, i don’t really do “real” photography for people.  maybe one day, when i’ve taken classes and actually have good editing software (i’m currently saving up for lightroom) i will, but right now, it just makes me way too nervous. i put absurd amounts of pressure on myself and get really stressed about it. but emily and jon got engaged a few weeks ago and asked me to take their engagement pictures because they’re dirt poor college students, and i agreed. (mostly because they caught me completely off guard and i didn’t know what to do, haha.) i freaked out about it for weeks, and sunday we finally went and did it. we went to a state park near the college, which is where they got engaged.  i’d never been there before so i was nervous about shooting in a new location, but it wasn’t too bad.  (and, you’ll see below that emily and jon are both attractive people, which definitely made my job easier.)  here’s what i got.  (i put the gallery after the slideshow… click on any of them if you want to view them larger.)

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3 Responses to jon and emily

  1. Annie says:

    these pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Patti Hanan says:

    Mary Grace, your photographs are beautiful. You are right, it helps that the couple is so good looking. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely photographs.

  3. Katie L. says:

    I really like them! Fantastic Job!

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