i’m so thankful for the friendships i have here at school.  i’m thankful for people who love me even when i’m acting really unlovable. i’m thankful for guy friends who are protective and girl friends who stay up late talking about semi-ridiculous things.  i’m thankful for the random conversations that happen over meals.  i’m thankful for shenanigans that happen in the library, when we all really need to be studying.  i’m thankful for the jokes that make me burst out laughing at inappropriate times.  i’m thankful for the encouraging text messages and e-mail i receive on a regular basis from so many of my friends.  i’m thankful that we can just sit around and not really do anything, and it’s okay, because we’re together.  i’m just really thankful for my friends.

this is from last spring, but i love it.  i love all of them.

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