easy weeks

so, after my biology exam on monday morning, the bulk of my work for the week was behind me. i have so enjoyed spending the last few days before thanksgiving break doing little work, and just relaxing and unwinding at school. it’s been nice to have down time while still here.  it makes me like school a lot more when it’s not always associated with insane amounts of stress. a lot of my friends have had easy weeks as well, so we’ve had a lot of fun hanging out.

on wednesday night we had a game night and baked cookies.  it was so fun. we played scattergories and a card game called ‘screw your neighbor.’  actually, it’s really called ‘skunk your neighbor’ but we had been talking about egyptian rat screw, and somehow we began referring to the game as screw your neighbor.  anyway, it was really fun.  so fun that we actually wound up playing for several hours without really realizing it.  i love when that happens.  plus, the cookies that we made were delicious.  kara ate 6.  i ate atleast 4… maybe 5. :)

last night i went to a mexican restaurant with a bunch of friends.  it was great.  it’s always so fun to get off campus, especially when you don’t have to worry about work due the next day.

oh, and i had the most hilarious phone call with my mother yesterday before we went out… she told me what i can only deem the funniest story i’ve heard in a long time.  basically, she went to the doctor in the afternoon (and i started to get slightly concerned when she was telling me this because she wasn’t getting to the point, but she’s fine) but anyway, she got home and she heard a loud car pull into our driveway, and then someone knocked on the door.  she opened it to see a very large man and a very small woman (neither of whom had she seen before in her life) standing on our porch.  the woman introduced herself and said she was from sunset memorial park and cemetery, and proceeded to inform my mother that she had won a burial plot. yes, you read that right… a burial plot.  my mother was like, “what?!”  and the woman told her that as part of their ‘community outreach program’ they were selecting random members of the community each month to win a free emergency burial plot, and my mother was this months winner.  ahahahahaha, i could not stop laughing at how weird of a thing that is to give away/win.  what the heck.  sooooo funny.

anyway, i get to leave for thanksgiving break in an hour!  hooray!  i’m so excited. it’s gonna be a great week at home. :)

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