thanksgiving break wrap up

for brevity’s sake, the best part of each day:

friday: watching my sister’s play, moon over buffalo.  absolutely hilarious… by far the funniest play i’ve ever seen.

saturday: getting to sleep in!  hooray!

sunday: going to church at my home church.  love.

monday: taking my youth pastor’s newly turned 4 year old daughter out on a girls date, where we painted, did nails,and enjoyed time away from all of her “monsters” (aka her 3 younger brothers.)

tuesday: watching many, many episodes of community, the show grant insisted i watch, and which i coincidentally became addicted to over break.  so ridiculously funny.

wednesday: getting coffee with carrie and catching up after a few months without seeing each other.

thursday: um, thanksgiving.  duh. :)

friday: shopping with my best friends.  also, babysitting 7 children under 5. (yes, really. it was great.)

saturday: hanging out with friends at fridays. and taking some ridiculous pictures.

sunday: spending the entire morning with all 4 of my youth pastor’s kids since he and his wife were both leading worship.  i got to play with them before church and then play mommy and drop them all off in sunday school/hold the baby for the entire service, and pick them up.  if you know me at all, you’ll realize how awesome this was for me. haha, yes, i know i’m ridiculous. :)  also, watching the browns win.  what a rarity, haha.

and a few pictures, because this blog has had a much too high ratio of words:pictures lately.

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