battle of the sexes

i often think that college students are actually 5-year-olds trapped in adult sized bodies. case and point: today at lunch, my friends got into a debate over whether girls or boys were better. the debate did not end at lunch… no, it continued in an e-mail chain for well over 5 hours…

here is kara’s list of reasons girls are better than boys:

1. we can wrap towels on our heads when we get out of the shower.
2. we get to paint our nails.
4. we have better hair.
5. we mature faster.
6. we would never eat a cat. (um, don’t worry about this one… it’s a long story, haha)
7. we can cry to get out of speeding tickets.
8. we have more stores we can shop in.
9. we can wear men and women’s clothing.
10. we don’t have cooties.
11. we got off the titanic first.
12. we can carry purses which contain everything you would ever need.

i think that about sums it up. clearly girls are better, hahaha. :)

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