battle of the sexes; part 2

just when i thought the argument over which gender was better had died, it was brought to life once again. friday night, after playing an absolutely hilarious game of scribblish (which merits it’s own post, coming very soon), caroline, mareah, kara, seth, jesse, ken and i got bored, and someone decided it would be a fantastic idea to find battle of the sexes-esque questions online and attempt to settle the argument. first we did a joint quiz with 10 questions for the girls and 10 for the guys. the guys blew the girls out of the water with 4 correct questions compared to our measly 2. the girls, determined not to let the boys make fools of us won the second round 5 to 3. we decided to do best 2 out of 3, and the losing team had to make the winning team cake. we each had a 10 question quiz, and 5 minutes to complete it. you know who won? neither of the teams. it was a dead even tie, with each of us getting 6 questions correct. ugh. so now the argument still isn’t settled, and no one gets any cake.

i’m actually beginning to wonder how on earth we could possibly drag this out any further before everyone realizes that it is quite possibly the stupidest. thing. ever. i’m quite certain this is not the end.

i’ll keep you posted.

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