breaking the addiction

so, like most of the world, i am completely addicted to facebook, and waste so much time using it.  i decided it was time to take a break (just in time for finals next week) and on monday, i had grant change my password.  he can’t give it back to me until after my last final (tuesday night the 21st).  two+ weeks off.  honestly, i’m excited.  i need to break the addiction a little, especially right now, while i have so much work to do.  i have three exams this week, and then next week i have 4 finals.  fun, right?  and another plus: getting off facebook for a week is one of my 101 in 1001 goals… i guess i’m going for 15 days, instead of just 7!

so anyway, it’s been less than 48 hours since i logged off, and i’m a little shocked by how often i open my browser and just instinctively click on my little facebook bookmark.  i guess i never paid attention to how often i did that until now.  so, even once the 15 days are over, i’m going to work on not doing that so much.

i think this will be good for me.  maybe i should delete solitaire from my computer too… that could help with paying attention in some of my classes, haha!

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One Response to breaking the addiction

  1. Annie says:

    breaking the facebook addiction is difficult but oh-so-worth it. i recently deactivated my profile for the third time this year and i love not having it. there are times when it’s convenient for communication – obviously – but i tend to just waste time on it. props to you for taking a break!

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