christmas decorating

so, these are kind of old pictures, but i felt like posting them anyway.  the day we got back from thanksgiving break, gretchen and i got to work making our room a little bit christmas-y.  this basically entailed putting up some christmas lights, and whipping out the tiny artifical christmas tree i bought at target for 75% off last year after christmas.  and by putting the tree out, i finally got around to throwing out the dead mum that’s been sitting around since it died when it didn’t get water for 5 days during fall break.  (what can i say?  i live on the third floor and it’s a trek to get to the garbage cans… so the mum has just been sitting in here dead for a while… whatever, it wasn’t doing any harm, right?)

anyway… i don’t have any pictures of the lights, but here are a couple of photos of us decorating the tiny tree:

gretchen’s live plant and my completely dead one…replaced with something i can’t kill! :)

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One Response to christmas decorating

  1. Annie says:

    aw, your christmas tree is cute!

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