my friends have an obsession with the game ‘picture down the lane.’ if you are unsure of what this is, it’s basically telephone, except, with drawings and sentences. each person writes a sentence on a piece of paper, then hands it off to the next person, who draws a picture of the sentence, and then folds the paper so all you can see is the picture. the next person has to write a sentence about what the picture is, and then fold the paper so that you can only see the sentence, and the next person has to draw a picture of that sentence and then fold and so on and so on until you run out of space on all the papers (but you have to end on a picture). you scramble the papers and then everyone has to guess which end picture was actually their original sentence. it is hilarious what some things turn into. but anyway, there is a lot of folding and i guess someone thought this was too complicated or something. so, enter scribblish:

gretchen got this game as an early christmas present, so we no longer have to play the poor man’s college student’s version of picture down the lane. um, hooray!? whatever, it’s super fun.

lets just say, it’s been put to good use. we’ve already played on 3 separate occasions (so, basically, every weekend.) here are some of my favorites:

the last one on the left is my favorite.  although, i also love the one that started with ride your bike to saturn and ended with ‘a devil child hatched from an egg.’  the issue there happened when jesse couldn’t read ken’s sentence (he actually looked at it and immediately turned to ken was exclaimed “what?!  is this written in latin or something?!  ken is writing it latin guys, that’s totally not allowed!”  he interpreted kens sentence as something to do with a leaning earth and satan.  it actually said: “leaving earth with et to go to saturn.”  lets just say, when we were reading that one in the end, everyone was in tears due to laughter.  my other favorite is the one that started with ‘my dentist has huge hair’ and ended with ‘a girl is crying in front of jesus.’ hahahaha.

so yes… we love this game.  i’m sure we’ll play it many, many more times next semester.  and i’m pretty darn excited about that, haha.

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