epic snow ball fight 2010

alternately titled: how i got a minor concussion the week before finals.

so, i didn’t mention this before, but last weekend i got a minor concussion in the middle of a snow ball fight. if you know me in real life, you are probably just laughing and saying, ‘ha… yep, that would happen to you.’ anyway, it wasn’t really that big of a deal, and i’m fine now, but yes… i managed to sustain injury in a snow war. i actually can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of that statement. oh wow.

okay, so here’s what happened: kara, caroline, jesse, tim, seth, and i decided to have a snowball fight on the quad at night. the snowball fight turned into more of a snow war, as there was some tackling/table topping going on as well (surprisingly, those things had nothing to do with my injury), but anyway, it got crazy. so i was standing around plotting with kara as to how to take jesse down, and all of a sudden out of nowhere i got hit in the temple/eye area with literally a ball of pure ice. i don’t really remember exactly what happened after that, other than mumbling something about not being able to see anything and then having a lot of people ask me if i was okay.

the pain went away after a few hours, although i had some sensitivity to light for a couple days afterwords, and some issues focusing. all is well now though.

the person who hit me felt really badly about it.  it was a complete accident… the product of poor aim and the fact that it was dark.  it was ironic though, because all day long, jesse had been joking about how he was going to take me out during the fight, and actually (jokingly) said he was going to hit me in the temple with an ice ball and kill me, and then someone else did exactly that.  well… i mean, obviously they did not kill me, but they did hit me in the temple/eye with an ice ball, haha.

so yep… concussion from a snow ball fight. i  can cross that off my bucket list… assuming i had one, and that was on it. which it most likely wouldn’t be. but whatever.  it’s a pretty funny story, now that i’m no longer in pain. :)

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2 Responses to epic snow ball fight 2010

  1. Annie says:

    oh no! i’m glad you’re all right! well, a concussion isn’t quite all right, but it’s good to know there’s no further damage. good luck on finals!

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