cups of coffee i’ve consumed since friday: 15.5
hours of sleep i’ve had since friday: 12

yeah, that seems kind of problematic.  gotta love finals. :)

what i meant to say: “shelby might stab me if i made noise while she was studying.”
what i actually said: “stabby might shelb me if i made noise while she was studying.”

this is probably a direct result of item one.

i am so ridiculously proud of the beautiful science and religion study guide that i just finished making that i actually contemplated posting a picture of it.  but then i decided that would probably be weird.

i just realized that christmas is in 6 days.  that’s weird to me because i am so wrapped up in finals that i haven’t really had time to even start thinking about christmas.  it’s also kind of sad because it means that i’m not going to have all the anticipation leading up to it, and it’s going to just come and go far too quickly.  this happened last year too.  darn you gcc, for making us stay here until december 22nd!

everytime i start freaking out about school, i look at this picture.  i just laugh so hard, i forget what i was stressing about for a couple seconds.

um, hilarious.

sometimes locking yourself up to study makes you crazy.  here are some ridiculous quotes from my friends over the past few days that just crack me up.

“i had a dream that my front teeth fell out, and then they grew back in black.  while this was happening, i was also trying to escape murderers by crawling through heating ducts with a large group of people.  i was trying to save them all.  it was highly stressful.” -emily

“if i wouldn’t have fallen on the walk over to junk punch him, it would have happened.” – bianca

“we’ve been living in a fort for the last two days.” – jared
“yeah, it’s pretty much the greatest finals fort ever.  it has two stories… as long as you are light enough that a sheet will hold you up… which none of us are.  but it’s still awesome.” – tyler

“to men, women are like mexico… um, actually, i’m not going to finish that particular thought. alright… women are like cheese!” – ken

“well, we played the game two truths and a lie this morning.  but when i got to my third thing, i just panicked and told the truth.  so i accidentally told 3 truths and no lies.  i kind of ruined the game.  there is something wrong with me.” – gretchen

bianca is studying so hard for genetics at this moment that i’m feeling bad about myself for not studying right now.  so i’m going to wrap this post up real fast.  okay, the end. :)

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One Response to tidbits

  1. Annie says:

    that picture IS hilarious! oh, snoop dogg. haha.
    good luck with the rest of your finals, mary grace!

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