sugar bowl time!

i apologize for my absence on this blog as of late. tragedy hit my small town community recently and we’ve all been dealing with it. please pray for strength and healing through the grief everyone is experiencing.

but tonight… tonight is the sugar bowl.  and tonight, we’re taking a break from the grief and are cheering on the buckeyes.

beat the hogs boys!!!  win win win!

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3 Responses to sugar bowl time!

  1. Annie says:

    I think we have been blog friends long enough for you to know I completely disagree with this post. Although if the score when I last checked the television is any indication, this was only the beginning of much excitement for you this evening. I had to resort to cheering on my hs’s football team – undefeated and state champs! – because neither my school nor michigan could seemingly play football worth their lives this past fall. Ah, well. There’s always next year.

    On a more serious note, I’ll be praying for your community. And, since, after all, I am your blog friend, enjoy the Buckeye win tonight.

    But not too much.

    • mary grace says:

      oh man… the end of the game was a nail biter. i was so concerned!! but we did manage to pull out the win, thankfully!

      football at my school is basically a joke. it’s surprising if we win. and, then there’s the browns… don’t even get me started on that one. they’re basically the definition of “there’s always next year.” so ohio state football is all i’ve got.

      thank you for your prayers. and congrats to your high school!! that’s so exciting!!

      • Annie says:

        well, at least we had one team to salvage our fall 2010 football experiences, right?

        you’re welcome. i’m praying for healing and comfort as you and your community go through this time.

        thanks! yes, it was! i wish i could have gone to the game; alas, i went shopping instead, as it was black friday. but my brother texted me updates as the game went on, so it was all right.

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