catching up part 1: gingerbread house making contest

ahhhh!!! i’m so behind, and i’ve got a ton of catching up to do on this blog!  so many pictures from before finals, christamas, new years, and other random things that have happened over break that i want to post about.  so here goes part one… our gingerbread house making contest!

several weeks ago (i.e. before christmas, and finals, and all that fun stuff), a mass email entitled “get excited” was sent out that said:

“soooo mareah, caroline, and i were chatting and we decided that were going to have tons of fun on saturday. get pumped.

here’s what we want to do……

-gingerbread house making contest

-jeff’s basketball game

-snowball fight and hot chocolate after (yes… this was the same snowball fight where i sustained the concussion.  the hot chocolate was kind of a no go because we were dealing with that, haha.)

-finish our game of battle of the sexes. (you may remember the ridiculously stupid argument over which gender was better.  we actually didn’t do this either, because by the time the aforementioned concussion had been dealt with, it was time to get ready for the crimson)

-go to the crimson and then watch a christmas movie afterwards.” (yes… i went to a dance with a minor concussion.  probably not the best plan, but i wasn’t about to miss out on that!  although, i bailed on the movie because i wasn’t feeling to hot afterwords.)

anywayssssss, saturday was set to be a really, really fun day and everyone was super excited.  gretchen’s roommate from last year, who transfered, happened to be visiting this weekend as well, so she was able to join in on the festivities!

me, alyson, and gretchen.  i love this picture, actually!the start of the contest.  gretchen and alyson were a team.  i refused to be on a team with gretchen because she was getting far to competitive for me, haha.ken, concentrating quite intensely on that icing.
julie, being all adorable, as usual.  she happened to be running through south rec and joined in on the fun for a few minutes.
mareah, caroline, and levi… they had an intense plan, but would not share with anyone what, exactly, they were attempting to build.
seth, jesse, and ken had been talking smack to everyone the whole time about how their creation was going to be the best.  and then the entire thing collapsed.  peachey took this picture and said, “this is a picture of failure!
ken ‘nibbling’ the cracker so that it would be the right shape.  ha!  so weird.
and then, minutes before we were supposed to be done, kara, tim, and i had a small disaster, as our house collapsed.  i guess it was payback for making fun of ken, seth, and jesse.
they were so proud of their creation.  i think it looks like a lamp, but they were insistent that it was not.
somehow, my team managed to repair our house and throw a bunch of candy on the top just in time for the end.  kara was proud.
caroline, mareah, and levi’s ‘modern day wedding of mary and joseph.’ hahahahaha.  so great.
jesse was not a fan.
jesse was also not a fan of peacheys little tiny house.  this picture cracks me up.  please note the amount of candy jesse has stuffed in his checks.  hahaha.
peachey’s adorable little house.
um, and then there was gretchen and alyson’s perfect house.  which was clearly the winner.  ken, seth, and jesse contested this with great indignation, but come on… this vs. a lamp… the winner is obvious, haha.
tim’s lunch. obviously super healthy.
i love all of these people.  just a small sampling of all the great friends i have.
(also… just look at that mess, hahaha.)

so, after the gingerbread house making contest, we headed over to watch jeff’s basketball game, and then after dinner had our snowball fight.  which i will admit, was actually really, really fun, even though i was injured.

alright… part 2 coming soon!  hopefully… :)

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