catching up part 2: the crimson

the crimson is a christmas dance thrown by student government every year.  not too much to say about this… so here’s a bunch a pictures!

katie and lauraroomies!they like to dance, haha.
caroline looks happy to be at the crimson.  tim, not so much.
chaos ensues at pretty much every dance.
caroline and mareah!  with brian creeping in the background.
so, during the song only girl (in the world), jesse looks at gretchen and me and says, ‘i love this song, but i feel like an idiot when i sing it…’ and proceeded to seriously restrain himself.  it was hilarious.
mark, being mark.
i honestly don’t even know what was going on here, haha.
me and kara
caroline, alyson, and gretchen
kate and me
jeff, being ridiculous, as usual.
i don’t really know what to say about this, haha.
then katie and levi got crazy.
it was a dance off of sorts.
then mark joined in.  and about 6 seconds later, levi accidentally elbowed katie in the face, and she ended up on the floor.  another staple of every dance.
all i want for christmasssssss….
is youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
trippin tuesday’s radio djs. :)
jeff, being people’s ‘umbrellas’ since he’s so much taller than everyone else, haha.

overall, i would call the crimson a success.  especially since we only planned to stay for an hour originally and ended up there until the very end.

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