catching up part 3: how we study

how gretchen studies:
note how peaceful she looks.  maybe not joyful about studying, but she handles the stress of school well.

how i study:
note the look on complete insanity and anger, as i stab my biology book with a pair of scissors.  i do not handle the stress of school very well.

(i bought the sunglasses on clearance at target as a joke… i don’t actually think that they are cool.  i’m wearing them because of the minor concussion i had at the time… it was giving me a headache to look directly at my computer screen.    also, excuse the mess of things on my desk… it usually doesn’t look like that… honest!)

i think these pictures also sum up the differences in our personalities pretty well too.  although, i’m not usually that out of control, haha.  yet somehow… we still work well as roomies… and i love that. :)

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One Response to catching up part 3: how we study

  1. Annie says:

    haha. i study more like you, except my mood fluctuates between anger/violence and the puppy dog look that begs, “do i hafta study? are you sure?”

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