catching up part 4: christmas eve

for christmas, my family took a little trip out to visit relatives in maryland.  on christmas eve, after church, we went to my great aunt and uncle’s house for jambalaya.  actually, i ended up getting locked out of the house for over half an hour without a coat beforehand because i got dropped off while everyone else turned around to pick more people up at the church… unfortunately, my great aunt and uncle had gotten held up at church and weren’t home yet!  fun times.  it was the second time in 3 days i had been locked out of somewhere, because the day i got home from school for break, no one was home, and the house was locked.  which wouldn’t have been a problem, except for the fact that my sister’s purse had apparently been stolen a few days before and my family had changed the locks on our house.  no one told me this, and i did not have the new key.  so i had to break into my own house.  welcome home to me, hahaha… clearly i’m well loved!  :)

but anyway, here are some pictures from our time at aunt maureen and uncle don’s house on christmas eve.  i don’t really know how it happened, but the two of them aren’t even in any of them!  oh well… we’ll have to get more/better pictures next time we visit.

my adorable little cousin aiden.  love this kid.
he’s insane.  we’re great pals.
mom and dad
my mother and my sister.  my whole family is completely out of control.
my shoes kinda matched my headband.  fun stuff, haha.
me and alexandra
my sister and i
haha, ummmmm, we’re excited about christmas?
what our christmas card should have been, if my parents wanted to send an accurate depiction of us.  ha.
we didn’t actually ever take a family picture… i don’t really know why that never happened.  but here’s the fam minus dad.
mom and aunt julie.  who is actually not my aunt, because she’s my mom’s cousin.  but whatever.  we just call her aunt julie.
nana and my uncle tommy.  who is also not really my uncle, haha.

so, that’s christmas eve, in a nutshell.  i’m almost caught up… just a few more posts about christmas, new years, and random stuff from break!  part 5 coming soon!

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2 Responses to catching up part 4: christmas eve

  1. Annie says:

    i refer my parents’ cousins as my aunts and uncles too; no worries :]
    that’s awful you got locked out of your house! hopefully it wasn’t too difficult to break in – my dad locked himself out once and sawed off the door handle to get back in. i wouldn’t particularly recommend that approach – ha!

    • mary grace says:

      actually, it was not hard to break in at all, which kinda makes me nervous, haha. that’s hilarious that your dad sawed off the door handle… i’m sure it was quite a sight.

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