catching up part 6: new years

on new years eve i had basically the cash cow of all babysitting jobs.  i babysat for two families who were in from out of town and staying at their grandparents house.  all the parents and the grandparents had a wedding to go to, so i babysat for the four cousins from 4:15 until the grandparents got home at 11:15.  i made $160.  best babysitting job ever. and since it wasn’t even midnight when i got done, i headed over to my friend’s house, as he was having a big new years party with all of our other friends.  since i didn’t have my camera, i stole all of these from my friend sara.  i took full advantage of the fact that i was not the one taking all the pictures, and tried to get in as many as possible.

and just a disclaimer… despite how it may look in these photos, everyone was 100% sober.  all we were drinking was sparkling grape juice!  we’re all just a little insane. :)

i made it to the party before new years!  that deserved a thumbs up!
sara and cat!
megan and me!  best friendssss.
freaking out because i hate watching dick clark on tv.  i get very scared that he’s just going to keel over and die on live television every year.  so scary!
getting ready to ring in the new year!
me, catalina, sara, and jason, right before midnight.
2011!  happy new year!!
trevor and alyssa
lots of beads.  and an et medallion, hahahaha.
beatin’ up jason.  it’s what i do.  hahahaha.

so yes… new years was awesome!  so much fun ringing it in with my friends, for only the second time ever.  what can i say… i babysit a lot, haha.

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