catching up part 8: trip to the zoo

on monday, you can get into the zoo for free, so some friends and i decided to go! it was surprisingly good weather for january, and we had a great time. afterwords, we went to starbucks, and spent over 3 hours just talking and catching up, which was really nice since we hadn’t seen each other since the summer.

i love giraffes.  i would want one as a pet, if that were an acceptable pet.
i also love koalas, but i think they would be less fun as a pet.
sarah in the fish and primate building.
this fish was giving me the stink eye.  it’s face cracks me up.
sarah has little hands.  especially compared to the gorillas.
waiting for the tram.  we were having so much trouble taking this picture.  we were all literally crying of laughter and could not compose ourselves long enough to get a normal one.  it took like 7 tries.
polar bear!!! <3
sarah really wanted a picture with the polar bear because they are her favorite.  she wants to adopt one.
while we were looking at the other pictures, the bear stood up and sarah freaked out and wanted another picture.
and then she wanted alexis to get in the picture with her and the polar bear.
and then we asked a random man to take a picture of all three of us with the polar bear, haha.
i almost fell into the seal pond trying to take this picture.  luckily for me, i stayed dry, haha.
apathetic grizzly bear.
posing with balto and his friend, ha.
sarah was very afraid that someone was going to yell at her for doing this.
making crafts in the wolf lodge.
it didn’t really work too well for sarah.
i want one of these in my future house.
no just kidding.  that would scare me every single day.
we had a really fun trip to the zoo!

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