catching up part 9: winter break via facebook statuses

in order to just get the heck caught up already, here’s my winter break, via facebook statuses.  but first, a photo.  because i don’t like just text posts:

took this on my phone while babysitting.  my goodness… even the poor quality can’t take away from their adorableness!!

okay… now for the statuses, and thus (hopefully) the end of my catching up!

i just tried to chew a piece of gum with the wrapper still on it. sleep deprivation from the lock in seems to be catching up with me… time for bed.

it’s 55 degrees outside! and the snow is almost all melted!!! yes!!

“i do not need more lady gaga in my life. if anything, i need a lady gaga free 2011… and i don’t think i’m gonna get it.” -ashley

“god is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. he heals the broken heartened, binding up their wounds.” – psalm 46:1; psalm 147:3

gooooooooo bucks!!!

i am completely addicted to ncis. my gosh i love this show.

ate an entire calzone at dewey’s.  and i don’t even feel sick.  how is this even possible?!
for reference, here is a picture of what i ingested in one meal:

while babysitting:
d: are you going to marry me?
me: um… no…
d: why not?!
me: because you’re only 5… you can’t get married when you’re 5.
d: but what about when i’m old enough?
me: by then i’ll be older and probably already married to someone else.
d: well just don’t marry someone else! it’s that easy!

generation and then applebees with ‘the gang.’  so excited to be together again.
some really poor quality phone pictures from applebees:

bought a new zoom camera lens half off at target!  yes!  so excited.

okay, so does anyone else remember the ‘stuff by hilary duff’ lipgloss everyone bought in like… 2002? and how it always came with magnets with her face on them? well all of those magnets are still on our fridge. and i just realized that there are more pictures of hilary duff on our fridge than there are of me. awesome, hahahaha.

it’s bound to be a good day when, by 10am, you’ve already had a nerf gun battle with a 5 year old. yes. :)

went shopping with megan today… after spending 6 hours in the mall, we came out to a ton of snow, only to realize that megs headlights had been on the entire time and her battery was dead.  awesome.  had to flag down a mall cop to jump her car.  always an adventure with her… always.

spent pretty much the whole day with [my youth pastor’s family].  took the kids to the library this afternoon.  someone asked me if k and the twins were all mine.  yikes.  love them, but definitely no!  haha.

burned myself drinking a vanilla latte at starbucks this afternoon, and then ate pineapple at generation tonight. so basically, i cannot feel my tongue at all right now.

so yes… throw in many, many lunch dates with random people, lots of sleep and babysitting, and you have, in a nutshell, my winter break.  and with that, i think i am all caught up.  aside from the 7 things post annie tagged me in about a month ago that i still have to do.  hopefully that will be next!  just gotta think of 7 good things. :)

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One Response to catching up part 9: winter break via facebook statuses

  1. Annie says:

    love ncis. and the conversation you had with d was precious and hilarious all the same time.

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