seven things

annie tagged me in a seven things post (where i’m supposed to share seven random things about myself) five and a half weeks ago.  and with that, we’ll go right into thing one…


i procrastinate.  a lot.  i try so hard not to, but somehow i always end up working on things basically the day/night before they are due.  it’s an awful habit and generally causes me much stress. i’m working on it though.


i love love love music.  people used to joke in high school that i had one headphone glued to my ear.  i like to think i have good music taste, but then i see the playlists in my itunes titled, ‘rap for studying’ and ‘walk it out’ which have embarrassingly high play counts and remember that i have some pitfalls.  i do like some really awesome bands though, and often find and love bands before they get popular.  i really enjoy going to concerts, especially at the house of blues.  last fall i got to see mutemath… by far the greatest band i’ve ever seen live.


i’m a night owl.  even as a baby, i hated going to sleep at night, and would sleep late into the morning.  my second wind almost always comes around 11:30pm, and, when i don’t have classes, you can often find me still awake at 3am or later.  there is something about having alone time while everyone else is sleeping that i just love.  my most productive time for schoolwork is generally between 11pm and 2am, much to my ‘i-go-to-sleep-at-10:30-as-often-as-possible’ roommate’s chagrin.  she still loves me though. :)


my life is completely ridiculous.  very, very often things happen to me that cause everyone to shake their heads and say, ‘only you mary grace… only you.’  during finals some friends asked me to do a daily e-mail series titled ‘my life is ridiculous’ and send a funny story of something ridiculous that had happened to me at various times in my life.  i’m thinking about blogging all of those and a few more.  we’ll see.


i’m very scared of dogs.  when i was 14 i got bit by a dog and had to get 12 stitches.  it was traumatic and to this day, i still get scared when i’m around dogs.  i honestly don’t want to be afraid of them, but i can’t help it.  the story of that incident is actually a ‘my life is ridiculous’ one.  looking back, it’s actually completely hilarious… in a very traumatizing way, hahaha.


summer is my most favorite time of year. i love almost everything about it.  late summer nights at bonfires in backyards with the best of friends, watching the sunset from the rocky pier at the beach, thunderstorms at dusk, flip flops, valley hiking adventures, picnics, grilled food, opening all the windows, wearing athletic shorts and tie-dye t-shirts to bed, spending entire days with my best friends without a care in the world, having to eat ice cream so fast you get a brain freeze because if you don’t it’ll melt all over you, oh my gosh, i could go on and on and on and on.  i love summer.  and in the fall, when you have a weekend of indian summer… oh man, it’s just utter bliss.  love love love love love.


i am so excited to grow up, get married, and have children.  i love babies.  (i pretty much refer to all children under the age of 5 as babies.)  babysitting is honestly one of my most favorite things to do.  i cannot wait to stay home with my future children.  i’ve known i want a big family since i was little and i just can’t wait until i have children of my own.  (until then, i will continue to love on j, r, j, and k as if they were my own.)

and since i like to post pictures and not just text, and this is a post all about me, here’s a picture of me looking slightly ridiculous!  but it’s pretty classic me… plaid flannel, skeptical look, slightly crazy hair… yep.  this is me. :)

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3 Responses to seven things

  1. Annie says:

    loved this!
    one – ugh, me too. this semester i cannot afford to procrastinate. {feel free to ask me what i’m doing about a paper due next wednesday. the answer will probably be procrastinating. my plan is to work on tomorrow. we’ll see how that goes.}
    two – girl, rap is good taste. ha! what’s on your “rap for studying” playlist?
    three – me too! there really is something about being awake while the rest of the world is asleep – i think it’s the reason i am secretly addicted to staying up way past my roommates. however, there is also something about going to sleep on a weeknight before everyone else. not that i have much experience with this feeling.
    four – i think you should share these. please?

    • mary grace says:

      some rap, maybe. but my playlist is filled with awful radio hits and dance songs like dynamite, all i do is win, club can’t handle me, whip my hair, and many other songs i’d rather not admit to secretly loving, hahaha.

      and the my life is ridiculous series might just hit the blog in the near future… if i would just quit procrastinating and post one, that is!

  2. Annie says:

    haha, i have a bunch of those, too. :]
    i look forward to reading it when you do!

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