my life is ridiculous: part 1

the seagull incident

so, the summer after 4th grade, my family took a trip to california.  while there, we went to sea world.  at sea world, i got to swim with dolphins.  that has very little to do with the story, but i thought you’d enjoy this picture of just-finished-fourth-grade me.  i actually had a broken arm at this point, but that’s a whole different story.
anyway, back to the seagull incident.  so while we were at sea world, after i swam with dolphins, we were at a different part of the park where you could just see dolphins and buy fish to feed to them, etc.  since we had already swam with them and stuff, we didn’t feel the need to buy fish to feed them, so we were just peacefully looking at them and admiring them, and then out of nowhere, a freaking seagull swooped down and bit my thumb!  and so i’m standing at the dolphin exhibit, bleeding literally everywhere, because i have just been bit by a seagull, and i don’t really know what to do, because clearly, this is a situation i’d never imagined i’d be in.  so i go show my mother and tell her what has happened and she is equally clueless about what measures need to be taken because really… who expects to be bitten by a seagull?  um… no one, that’s who.  so we go to the window where you can buy fish to feed to the dolphins, and tell them what happened and ask for a band aid, so i can at least do something about the fact that i’m bleeding all over the place, and you know what they said, “didn’t you read the signs?  it say the seagulls are vicious.” and they wouldn’t give me a bandaid.

so to recap: i’m 10, i’ve been randomly bitten by a seagull, and am now being refused a band aid.  awesome.

let’s just say, i’ve never gone back to sea world.

oh, and also, on this same trip to california, my sister got bit in the armpit by a deer, at the wild animal park, and i was peed on by a lorikeet.  clearly my family + animals = bad news.

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One Response to my life is ridiculous: part 1

  1. Annie says:

    I foresee many laughs due to this series – I laughed while I read this. Getting bit by a seagull is ridiculous in and of itself, but getting bit by a deer and peed on by a lorikeet is just too much. My sympathies are with your 10-year-old self and your family.

    Good news: you’ll never forget your trip to Sea World.

    However, I just don’t think an unforgettable trip to Sea World is worth two instances of being bitten by animals and one of being peed on. But that’s just me.

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