my life is ridiculous: part 2

the frisbee watching incident

so last year, our brother hall had two different intramural frisbee teams, and one day, they were playing each other. several people had asked us to come and watch, so a bunch of friends and i went.  so we’re standing on the sidelines, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, i am tackled to the ground by a player from the game happening on the field behind us.  so there we are, both laying in a heap in the grass, with everyone around just kind of standing there in stunned silence, and all of a sudden he tries to get up, while still holding onto me and basically gives me the heimlich maneuver.  all i have to say is thank god i hadn’t gone to dinner yet, because if i had, my entire dinner would have been all over the im fields.  as soon as we were both standing he yelled sorry! and then ran back to the game.  i still have absolutely no idea who it was, since i was tackled from behind.  who knew frisbee was a full contact sport?  not me!  i have since then refused to go and watch any other frisbee games, as clearly i do not even have to be playing to get hurt.  yes, my life is ridiculous.

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