i want to go back

tonight, i came across this:

my heart leapt out of my chest when i watched it, and i’m going to be honest… i may have cried a little bit. (and i never cry). but it made me so nostalgic for my childhood. when i was a little girl, my daddy used to take me to the video store every friday night, and i would always get a winnie the pooh vhs. and then we would go back to the house and watch it. oh my goodness, what i wouldn’t give to go back to those days. i really miss being a little girl.

so tonight, i may have put all homework on hold and watched pooh for a good 3 hours. ha. i even watched my all time favorite one, when it is tigger’s birthday, and everyone goes down to the wishing well and tigger gets all sorts of wishes, but has to use the last one to get them out of the well. so good. i love pooh.

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3 Responses to i want to go back

  1. Annie says:

    aw! yay for three hours of nostalgia. i love the movies i watched as a little kid. lion king? definite classic. i never watched much winnie the pooh growing up, but i did think tigger was hilarious. i actually named my stuffed tiger after tigger. it’s been twelve years and i still have it!

    • mary grace says:

      as a child, i could not get through lion king without sobbing. when mufasa dies, and then simba is nudging him… oh my goodness i just lost it every time! and then, my second day of college, the entire freshman class watched the lion king as part of orientation. i had to get up and get something to drink during that part for fear of crying in front of a zillion people i had just met! hahaha.

      • Annie says:

        oh no! that’s so sad :[ & oh geez! that’s crazy.

        when i was about five or six i was watching land before time. my mom said i had seen it before, but i hadn’t seen it in a really long time, so when it came to the part where littlefoot’s mom died, i sobbed.

        i’ll have to remember your tactic, should i end up watching the land before time again.

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