my life is ridiculous: part 4

the flamingo incident

on the last day of school in the sixth grade, our class took a trip to the zoo.  one of the first exhibits that we saw was the flamingos.  while we were standing there, i lean in, and all of a sudden my knee slips through the bars of the railing.  well, i could not get it back out.  so, there i am, with my knee literally stuck in the flamingo cage thing.  so i kind of start freaking out and i don’t really know what to do.  all of a sudden one of the chaperones notices what’s going on, and tries to help me, but nothing is working, my knee is still stuck.  someone’s mother whips some neosporin out of her fanny pack, and they decide the best course of action is to rub it all over my knee to make it slippery.  then two other student’s dads each pull on the bars to try and make them go a little farther apart, and finally my knees slips out of the flamingo pen.

this entire incident went down in front of my entire 6th grade class.  so, so, so, so, sooooo embarrassing.

the bars don’t look dangerous… but they are!!

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5 Responses to my life is ridiculous: part 4

  1. Annie says:

    oh, mary grace! that’s awful!

    but i have to say – these all make good stories years later!

    but maybe i say that only because i never got my knee stuck in between bars.

    • mary grace says:

      oh no, they definitely make for good stories! :) these aren’t even the best… there are sooooo many. things just happen to me that are completely out of control, hahaha.

      • Annie says:

        oh geez! you poor soul.

        when i read the end of this post the first time i thought of a truly ridiculous occurrence that happened to me. i don’t normally have a ton of terribly ridiculous things happen to me. this was one of the few. and after i commented, i completely forgot what it was! i still can’t remember and i’m so upset. if i remember i’ll definitely post about it!

      • mary grace says:

        oh man, i hate when that happens! i’m sure you’ll remember it sooner or later! i hope you do post about it if you do… i definitely want to read! :)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Annie recommended this series and this one made me laugh. I can definitely see that happening to me.

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