oh hey look… a real post

so, i was just looking back at all the posts from the month of february, and i wouldn’t classify any of them as ‘real’ if you know what i mean.  i have a lot to say, but i seemingly have no time to actually write things down.  but hopefully that will change now, and this post wont sit in my drafts for a month+, like all the other ‘real’ posts i’ve started writing this month (including the one’s about my trip to my roommate’s farm, the extravaganza, our superbowl party, my friend’s 21st birthday, and my thoughts on a sermon i heard recently a while back, now.  hopefully those will get finished a some point in the not-to-distant future… have i mentioned that i’m a hardcore procrastinator?)

but moving on from that… today a sermon that i’ve had in my i-tunes shuffle for 2 years happened to pop up.  it was one of the only youth group talks i missed during my entire 4 years of hs youth group, and it was given by one of my friends, john. who just so happens to now be married to morgan, one of my most favorite people, ever. just in case you were wondering. :)  anyway, he gave a talk on community, and every single time i hear it, i am blessed by it.

in my devotional time, the lord has really been convicting me of my ‘quick to judge’ heart.  i pass judgment on people all the time.  that’s so wrong!  but i do.  and this behavior ruins the oh-so-important community and christ has designed.  how can i possibly say i follow god, and then do things so counter to that?  i’m ashamed by my own self.

i was going to do a summary of the community sermon, but i felt like including this portion directly from it would be far better.  i realize it’s long… but it’s good.

“another way we create community… you guys cannot be judgmental and hold things against people.  i read this today, and it really hit me hard: ‘every time you are tempted to shun another believer, remember that the father, son, and holy spirit were torn apart so that you could be united. move toward each other when sinned against.’ christ at the cross… there was this reconciliation for us to be together.  we were apart and alone, we feel this loneliness, but through christ on the cross, and the breaking of this sin and death, we are able to create this community.  so often here, at the church, we shun other believer because were like , ‘oh, she’s not a real christian…. i know what she does on the weekend. i’m a real christian, because i don’t party. or i’m a real christian because i don’t gossip.” so often we do that, and it’s so upsetting.  because that’s not what church is supposed to be about.  church is not a place where we get together and act better than everybody else. too often that’s what it is, and too often that’s what the perception of church is.  it’s a place we go because we think we’re better than everybody else and ‘i like to look down at you and say i’m a better person.’  but that’s not what it is.  church is for broken people. no body’s perfect.

too often we push aside other believers, who come seeking the same things you seek, seeking to know to know god better, seeking to be in community, and we just push them aside.  that is so backwards to what god designed it for. the church should be a place where we see this god created community.  where we are accepting of other people despite their faults.  where we’re loving one another.  it should be a place where we’re being honest with each another.  if we were just accepting, non judgmental, and loving, everybody would want to come.

the world is so backwards to what god wants it to be.  god wants it to be this place where we are accepting and loving and it’s not. and it sucks. and at church, the place where we say we’re christians, the place where we say we believe in god, and we believe in jesus and we believe he died on the cross for us, and we believe everything he says… when the church is not that place… when church is not accepting of others, when church is not being honest and authentic, when church is not loving, we’re misrepresenting who we say we believe in.  we’re not following what god wants for us.”

wow.  every single time i hear that, i am cut to the heart and just feel so convicted.  because there is so much truth there.  so, that is my prayer right now.  that the lord would help lift this spirit of judgment that i seem to have… that he would transform my heart and help me to be accepting, humble, honest, authentic, and loving.  i know and trust that with his help, i can change this misrepresentation in my life, and make it so that when people look at me, all they see is christ.  i want to live solely to point to him.

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One Response to oh hey look… a real post

  1. Annie says:

    I love this post. I meant to comment earlier and say so, but I forgot, so I’m saying it now :]

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