my life is ridiculous: part 5

incidents in walmart

one time, when i was about 15, i was at walmart with my mother buying a few things my youth pastor had asked me to bring to youth group for a random game. we were standing in line to check out, and all of a sudden i noticed a bag of marijuana on the floor next to my foot. my mother realized this at the same time as me, except her first reaction was to think that it had fallen out of my pocket. (it had not.) she gave me this look like she was seriously about to go ballistic on me. i reminded her why we were at walmart in the first place and was like, “really mom? are you serious?!” she realized she was being ridiculous, and then picked it up and handed it to the cashier. the cashier got this weird smile, and said, “oh, okay… well i’ll just take this to the back.” i’m fairly certain her intentions in taking it to the back were less about disposal, and more for personal enjoyment, ha.

i reminded my mother of this incident when she suggested i get a flu shot at walmart last year, and told her there was no way i was having my body injected with anything in a place where we found drugs on the floor. i ended up with swine flu, but who knows what i could have ended up with had i gotten a flu shot at walmart. hahaha.


this past summer, a man/woman (honestly you could not tell) dressed as a clown followed me around walmart.

(i stealthily took this picture while hiding in the toothbrush isle. unfortunately you cannot really see the front of the costume, but i assure you… it was quite scary. he legitimately had a clown nose, makeup, clown shoes and a ridiculous shirt on.)

the next day i saw the same person at plato’s closet. i very abruptly exited the store. clowns are so scary. so is walmart sometimes. :)

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