reasons why today falls into the ‘fantastic’ category

1. it’s 45 degrees and sunny outside. i wore flats and a sweater today. and wasn’t cold. this is a huge change from the well below freezing temperatures we had earlier this week.

2. those flats i wore? yeah, they were new (from target!) i was singing ‘new shoes’ by paolo nutini in my head all day. if that’s not fantastic, i don’t know what is.

3. i only had one class today, and in said class i found out i got an A on my midterm and a 101 on my last quiz. which, is incredibly fantastic, seeing as i rarely do that well (i.e. this was the first time all year i’ve done that well in any of my classes), and was freaking out about that midterm before i took it last week.

4. kara and i went to sheetz in her new car, ronald. i got an iced caramel vanilla latte. which is a close second when it comes to favorite drinks. (the first? an extra hot vanilla latte, haha.)

5. the baby that was supposed to be born while i was home on break february 23rd is finally being born (right now!) 14 days late.  i’m so excited!  and once the baby is born, i wont have to keep the gender and name a secret anymore!  finallyyyyy. :)
(edited to add: i just now realized that this kinda sounds like i’m referring to a baby that i am having which is not the case, haha.  it is the middle school youth pastor and his wife’s baby.  it’s their first one.  and i’m super excited for them!)(look at the belly!  can’t wait for that baby to get out!)

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2 Responses to reasons why today falls into the ‘fantastic’ category

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hooray for warm-ish weather and good grades!

  2. Annie says:

    i had a fantastic day myself. hurray for fantastic days! :]

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