busyness and babies

(well, technically, just one baby.)

i’ve been so busy the past week that the blog has kinda gotten shoved onto the back burner. this post isn’t really going to be substantial either, but i got to meet baby emery today, so i wanted to post a picture!

he is completely adorable and i love him. (even though he kinda pooped on me, ha.)

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2 Responses to busyness and babies

  1. Annie says:

    1. Baby Emery is super cute!

    2. I love your headband. Where did you get it?

    • mary grace says:

      1. i know! i was so happy to hold him for a little bit while his mom and dad got some rest!
      2. thanks! it’s from target (my fav store!) and i bought it a couple months ago. they might still have it.

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