organized. and disgusted a little.

this is my closet (well, what i could capture with a quick picture standing in front of it):

i am a freak about organization, and having everything in it’s place in this closet (on color coordinating hangers!) makes me giddy with joy. it’s something i actually have control over in my life. (i know, please laugh at me… i realize how ridiculous that is.)

this is also the first time in a while that i’ve had almost all of my clothes clean at the same time. and i’ve realized that they don’t all fit in my closet+my dresser. and these are just the clothes i have at school. this actually disgusts me a little bit. why do i need so many?! it’s slightly crazy. the closet doesn’t even hold all my dresses, sweatshirts, and pants… plus i have a zillion more t-shirts in my drawers. with everything clean, i honestly don’t even have space for it all. it’s crazy. and totally unnecessary. so, i’m downsizing. i’m going to give some stuff away, and hopefully, this will lead me to feel less disgusted, and at the same time, help me remember how blessed i am to have so much.  here goes nothing…

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