my life is ridiculous: part 6

skipped a couple weeks of my life is ridiculous due to extreme busyness, however something happened to me this weekend that just begs to be included in this little series.

it happened friday night… i was hanging out with some friends and i happened to get the hiccups. no big deal, right? well, these were some of the worst hiccups i’ve ever had. the violent, body shaking kind of hiccups that hurt. and no matter what i tried, they wouldn’t go away. all of a sudden, i hiccuped so hard, that the crotch of my pants ripped! in front of a huge room of people! so embarassing. but hilarious.

so yes… i hiccuped and my pants ripped… i’d definitely say that falls into a ‘my life is ridiculous category.’ this also just so happened to be the third time this year that i ripped the crotch of my pants in public. this was by far the strangest incident however. hahaha. oh dear.

(this picture honestly doesn’t even do the rip justice.  it’s quite large, and glaringly obvious.  those were my favorite pants too!  darn it!)

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4 Responses to my life is ridiculous: part 6

  1. Annie says:

    three of my favorite pairs of pants did that, too. well, they frayed first. and i wore them as long as possible until they actually ripped through. and then i held onto them for nostalgia’s sake – and then, finally, threw them away. so tonight i’m pulling out my violin and playing you a sad tune, because i know the distress of ripping your favorite jeans in an awkward area.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    … I didn’t even know that was possible hahaha! Although I can totally empathize on the painful hiccups part … ouch!

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