got all caught up just to fall behind again…

but luckily not to badly this time. (this was true a month and a half two months ago when i first started writing this post… it’s been sitting in my drafts since february 9th… so now i’m pretty far behind again.  fantastic.)

so, lets rewind to the end of january, shall we?  two weekends after coming back to school from winter break, kara, katie, and i all went to gretchen’s house.  she lives on a farm, so we got to do a lot of really awesome things that we wouldn’t normally get to do.  and we had so. much. fun.  i took a million pictures, so it will probably take me several posts to get through the whole weekend.

friday night we drove two hours through the dark and snow.  which, was actually kinda fun, despite how it sounds. i love car rides.  especially at night.  there is something about being in a car with a group of people that you love, listening to music, having hilarious conversation… i don’t know… i just love everything about it.  that is one of the things i really miss about high school… just driving places with friends.  it’s easy to not do that here since we all live in the same place.

anyway, when we got to gretchen’s house her mother had freshly baked brownies and coffee waiting for us.  um, i hadn’t even been in her house for 30 seconds and i already loved the woman, haha.  we had a pretty low-key night, just staying in and watching notting hill.  oh, and jumping around in sleeping bag and just generally acting strange right before we went to bed…

gretchen and had some issues…
“what are we going to do now??”
they’re adorable.
but really… haha.
flower power
love my roommate. :)

so yes… that was friday night.  hopefully i can get our saturday shenanigans posted soon.  or you know… maybe it will be june by the time i get that up, if i keep going at this rate… hopefully not, haha.

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