saturday morning shenanigans

(aka, weekend at gretchen’s part 2.)

so, saturday morning we all woke up, had breakfast and then got all bundled up, because it was freaking cold! we went out to the barn and fed the horses and cows, and then got to play with the brand new baby cow, kelvin.  then, we got to shoot guns!!  which was awesome.  so fun.  i took a ton of pictures… i tried to only pick a few to post but uh… sort of failed at that, ha.

i felt like a lumberjack, haha.fierce.  haha.justin bieber?  hahaha.attractive warm clothes.horsie!pitching hay.ha. oh dear. :)kelvin!  so cute with his bug eyes!katie, playing with kelvin.she was happy to see him again.they’re adorable.  really.feeding spirit.the snow was really deep… i was struggling.katie decided it would be a great idea to roll down the hill like the dog… maybe… i love them!excited to shoot guns!ahahahaha.  oh my gosh… what a scary face.  you should definitely be afraid.hahaha.soooo do i work this thing?  kara with a gun = kinda scary, haha.ha… this picture is ridiculous, but i love it.  we had such a fun morning.

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