random ramblings at 1am (with lots of slashes and parentheses)

i kind of feel like i am never going to get my life back/in order ever again. okay… i know that is dramatic and not true, but i kind of feel like i’m drowning in all the things i have to do/am responsible for. wow… how many more times do you think i can use a / in this post?

anyway, life is flying by so so so fast. the semester is over in under 2 weeks. where the heck has the time gone? it’s crazy. i have three tests on friday (um… kill me?) and then finals next week, and then i’m done! wow. i’m really looking forward to summer and am trying to get all my plans ironed out right now. i’m going to be nannying 3 days a week, for a family with an almost-10-year-old daughter. so that should be fun. honestly, i would rather be nannying for smaller children, but this job kind of fell in my lap and worked really well with everything else that i need to do this summer, so i took it.  so what else am i doing this summer?  welllll, i’m currently trying to get everything worked out so that i can volunteer at the hospital at least 2, hopefully 3 days a week. that way i can get hours for pa school.  so, only having to nanny 3 days a week, rather than 5, was a really good thing.

i’m also planning a short vacation with my roommate to visit some friends in philadelphia and new jersey in june.  which also just so happens to be the same week that the family that wants me to nanny is going to be gone (and that all worked out naturally, which rocks!)  also, i’m going to be helping out with a bible study for the newly graduated seniors from my church.  i’m really excited about it, because i did the same thing right after i graduated and it was such a great experience and i’m so glad i did it!  so i’m excited to be able to pour into these friends.  (it makes me feel old though… these were the sophomores when i was in youth group… how are the graduating already?  ugh… the fact that i’m even saying this makes me feel even older.)

but… back to the present.  i’m just sort of feeling overwhelmed with everything right now, which is why this blog has had very little new stuff recently. i feel like that’s all i’ve been saying this semester. but i have plenty of stressful things in my life, and i refuse to let updating this blog become another stress.  it’s really fun to blog when i have time, but i need to stop feeling guilty about not blogging.  especially since there are really only like 4 people who read this blog, and it’s mostly for me anyway.

in the meantime, for the four of you that do read this, if you really care what i’m up to, i’ve been diligently taking part in (my own, slightly modified version of) project 365. basically, my goal was just to take a picture of something with some sort of device (aka, i use my cell phone a lot, ha) every day of the year (and, i’ve counted screen shots a couple of times… hey, it still give you an idea of what i’ve done that day, right? i’m counting it.) i wasn’t really planning on posting it here until i actually finished the year out, because (as evidenced by the lack of posting on this blog) i often start things like that out with great intentions, but fail to finish them.  but hey… what the heck. i don’t always get around to posting the pictures the day they were taken, but i try not to get more than a week or so behind on that one. soooo, here it is, if you care.

remember all those exams i mentioned earlier?  yeah, i have to study for them.  but i shall leave you with a couple of pictures for your enjoyment. :)

a sweet baby bunny that was hanging out in my front yard the other day.

taken on a walk with my parents in the valley near my house.

april showers (or as the case may be, consistent torrential downpours) bring may flowers (slightly early).

and, my sweet little buddy j.  gosh i love him. :)

have a great rest of the week!

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4 Responses to random ramblings at 1am (with lots of slashes and parentheses)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love the bunny photo! And your summer sounds like it’s going to be super busy, but also very much a blessing. I hope your finals go well!

    • mary grace says:

      thank you! and yes… i think it’s going to be one of those non-stop summers, but i’m really excited. it will be a different kind of busy than school-busy, which will be a nice change of pace.

  2. Annie says:

    i love your pictures! & i started following your tumblr. :]
    i played the state game on sporcle. 1 minute, 57 seconds. i’m resisting the urge to try again but that may not last for long, haha.

    • mary grace says:

      well i guess now i have to be more intentional about getting stuff posted on there in a timely manner, haha! and i wish i had never found the states game… so addicting, ha. good luck staying off of it!

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