so, don’t get me wrong… i am so excited for summer.  i cannot wait to have some time off from having to do schoolwork and such.  but, when i look at pictures like this:
i feel a twinge of sadness over the fact that i have to leave all of these awesome people for three and a half months.  leaving for the summer this year is definitely different than leaving last summer.  we’d really only gotten to be friends for real during second semester, and yes… we were friends, but it wasn’t the same.  this year our friendships have solidified and gotten so deep, and i am genuinely going to miss all of my friends here like crazy.  i’m lucky to have great friends that i know i’m going home to as well, but i’m still feeling a little sad about leaving.

and… then i think about how after this year we will be halfway done with college.  that is such a strange thought.  time is flying by and we’re all growing up, and to think that in just 2 years we’ll all be graduating and saying goodbye for real.  not that we wont be friends, but we’ll all be going our separate ways, and who knows when we’ll all be in the same place at the same time again.  ugh, now i’m getting sappy, so i’ll stop… but suffice to say, i love these people (plus several that couldn’t come on our little waterfall/bonfire/log jumping outing at 2am), am so thankful for them, and am going to miss them a whole heck of a lot this summer.  i understand what they (whoever they are) mean when they say the friends you make in college are the ones that stay for life.  i pray that we will all still be encouraging and loving on each other for years and years to come.

“as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – proverbs 27:17

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