music (take 6)

songs that i am currently loving/have gotten me through finals:

1. reach – peter furler
2. galaxies – owl city (soooo pumped for the new owl city album coming on in june!)
3. walking on sunshine – katrina and the waves
4. wavin’ flag – knaan
5. you make me happy – bethel live & jesus culture (my two favorite worship bands together… what could be better?!  the whole album is freaking amazing.)
6. crashing – jack’s mannequin
7. timshel – mumford and sons
8. dancing in the moonlight – toploader

and, because finals make me go crazy and lose my mind completely,
9. sleigh ride – natalie cole (yes… it is a christmas song.  i realize i’m nuts.)

so there you have it.  the part of the finals playlist that i’m willing to share (because… remember when i said finals make me lose my mind? yeah… there’s some other music on there that even i’m judging myself for liking this week, ha.)

and incase you really don’t believe me about finals making me crazy:
yeah… i’m dancing it out to forget you wearing chem lab goggles, and a pillowcase cape.  i told you… i’ve lost my mind.  but you should have seen my roommate.  even worse.

oh, and also i apparently have no friends.
i wonder why… ha.

yeah… i have no idea why i’m posting all of this, but just one more final left at 7pm, and then i am donedonedone.  and hopefully will regain some sanity.  peace.

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One Response to music (take 6)

  1. Annie says:

    the end is near! good luck on your last final!

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