my school is cool


but, we have some really neat buildings.  like this one, which i snapped a picture of late wednesday afternoon.

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7 Responses to my school is cool

  1. Annie says:

    that’s gorgeous! my college decision came down to a school on the west side of mi and the university of michigan and this is one of the reasons i regret not choosing michigan: historic buildings!

    • mary grace says:

      ha! i almost went to ohio state. and by ‘almost went’ i mean i had decided that was where i wanted to go and then changed my mind at the last minute. and i ended up at a tiny liberal arts school in western pa. big difference, ha. but i honestly have come to love the feel of my campus for the exact reason you mentioned… almost all the buildings are historic and everything is just downright beautiful. i’m glad i ended up here… i actually like that it’s small, and i cannot imagine myself at ohio state. (though i will always, always, always be a buckeye fan!)

      • Annie says:

        *sigh* i am going to have to do something about this buckeye allegiance of yours. haha.

        i do love my campus, too; even if it isn’t historic, the buildings are still really pretty. i have a picture of one of them here {albeit with heavy editing}.

      • mary grace says:

        nice! that actually looks a lot like my high school, just a floor higher.

        and, sorry to break it to you, but i was born a buckeye fan, and i will die one, hahaha.

      • Annie says:

        we’ll just have to agree to disagree on the u-m v. osu debate, haha.

      • mary grace says:

        alright. we can just not speak of this again until november 26th, when they play each other in football, hahaha. :)

      • Annie says:

        haha – sounds good!

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