so today was graduation day for the class of 2011. the call as to whether the ceremony would be inside or outside was made at 7:30, the same time i had to show up for ushering duties. the call was outside. at 7:34, it started to rain. it continued to rain/pour for the next six hours, through the entirety of graduation. awesome.

even with the rain, it was a great ceremony, and i loved getting to watch so many people who have richly blessed my life walk across that state and receive their diploma.  my prayer is that the lord would continue to bless their lives in the years to come!  (and i know he will.)

anyway… i was in a bunch of pictures today, but only one on my own camera.  shocking, i know, but my roommate actually had my camera since i had ushering stuff to take care of, and she didn’t really take many pictures.  (probably due to the fact that it was pouring, ha.) so here’s the few photos i have from the day, and i’m sure there will be more to post once i get tagged in all the other pictures on facebook, ha.

kara and i rocking the college provided ponchos for the ushers and the grads.  before the really bad rain started… (aka, we still look somewhat decent, and not like drowned rats.)

umbrella city.  but really, i would love to have seen an aerial view of the quad this morning.  think 5,000+ people, all with huge umbrellas.  it was slightly seriously chaotic.

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