my life is ridiculous: part 7

the biology class dissection incident

i’ve always hated biology. until last semester, i always thought i hated biology.  and then i realized that i actually don’t hate biology at all, and consequently changed my major to molecular biology.  go figure.

but lets back it up and discuss why i always thought i hated biology.  my only previous experience with bio was honors biology my freshman year of high school. it was awful. i was one of the only freshman in a class full of sophomores, my teacher wasn’t really the greatest, and during a dissection, i had rat testicles thrown at my face.

yep, you read that right.  while dissecting a rat, this super cool (or you know… not so cool) football guy decided it would be hilarious to just chop off and whip his formaldehyde soaked rat testicles at my face.  the boy who could barely throw the football to his teammates nailed my face with astounding accuracy.  do you know anyone else who this has happened to?  yeah, i didn’t think so.  my life is ridiculous.

so yes… i don’t know about you, but for me, that was kind of a turn off to all things biology, and i avoided taking another biology class until 5 years later.  and then this year, i had the sweetest biology professor ever (who actually just retired… so sad) and really enjoyed biology.  though i will admit, after a 5 year hiatus, it was rather challenging.  but the photo above is from one of our bio 101 labs, taken with a sweet microscope camera thing! (clearly i fail at learning the technical name for the instruments i use in school, haha.) i’ve learned that cells are pretty awesome.  and when i study biology, i am always just awed by how complex and incredible god made us!  so cool.

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