i think the bad weather follows me

on the desktop of my computer, i have little weather app things that tell me the weather for both school, and home. more often than not, it is much nicer weather at home than it is at school. atleast… when i’m at school that is. for some reason, things always flip flop when i come home. take for example, yesterday, when i looked at the weather and it was 68 degrees and sunny at school, and 47 and rainy at home. that’s a 21 degree temperature difference. what the heck?! today was similar, though not quite as drastic. i kind of feel like eeyore in winnie the pooh… a rain cloud constantly over my head!

just kidding about the eeyore thing… i like to think i have a better outlook on life, ha. but really, this weather thing is kind of annoying, and i’m really hoping it will start to feel more springy here soon.

(and i realize this is stupid to complain about, since it was just in the 80’s the other day at school when i was there, but whatever… i just want it to be nice again. in the place that i’m currently living, haha.)

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