summer goals

– spend more time with jesus

in october, i started a 6 week devotional book… i am slightly ashamed to admit that i still haven’t finished it.  obviously, there are a lot of days when i spend time with jesus not necessarily by doing one of the devotions, but there are also a lot of days that i let slip by without even opening my bible and spending time in his presence.  and i can tell.  so this summer i want to really take time each day to be in the word and commune with god.

– work out more

i joined the local rec center for the summer.  they have a great fitness center and my goal is to work out atleast 3 times a week, hopefully more.  i want to feel more healthy and in shape.  and shed some of this ‘winter coat.’  i would love to be able to put on a bikini and feel good, even though i would never wear one out of my house.

– eat much healthier

i want to be eating way more fresh fruits and veggies, and other healthy fresh food, and way less packaged and processed foods.  i feel more energized and just better all around when i do this, and it’s a lot easier to do it at home than at school.

– spend more time outside

and spend less time in my room on the computer.  i live across the street from a soccer/baseball field, tennis courts, and a track, and right down the street from a beach, and, going the other way, the river and valley, with tons of places to hike around and do other fun things.  so, this summer i want to take advantage of all of this stuff, rather than waste days doing nothing.  (this will get to be pretty easy once i start nannying, because i know the little girl i’m watching will want to get out and do things.)

– be better about wearing sunscreen

i am an awful sunscreen wearer, i just forget to put it on and then get burned.  i want to be more intentional about putting it on several times when i spend time in the sun, and hopefully avoid getting majorly burned this summer.

– wear more dresses

this is a silly one, but i love sun dresses and want to wear them more often this summer, even though my friends all tell me i’m being “fancy” when i do.  ha.

– be intentional about buying modest shorts

my friend seth made an offhanded comment at lunch one day at school about how he was glad that we were leaving ‘just in time’ because all the girls were starting to pull out the short shorts.  he wasn’t really saying it at anyone directly, but it made me realized how much buying modest things really is important and does make a difference.  it’s so easy to forget/not even think about it, but i want to be really intentional about that this summer.

– spend less money on coffee

i don’t need to get a latte every day.  not that i do this now, but really, i don’t even need one once a week. i’ve noticed that i’m spending a lot of money on coffee lately, and i just don’t need to do that.

– eat a legitimate lunch

make and eat lunch at lunchtime everyday instead of grazing on random food throughout the afternoon.

– write to my friends who are working at summer camp

i have several friends (six, i think) who are working at various camps this summer, and i want to be sure to write to them.  i think that real friends keep in contact through the summer, even if it’s not super easy, and i know how great it is to get mail when you’re working at camp.

– keep my room relatively clean

i live in a really tiny room, and so just a few things on the floor or on my desk makes it look really messy.  that being said, it’s really easy to pick those few things up then, and keep it clean.  so i want to be sure to keep it in good shape and not let things get out of control.

– read for fun

my friend jesse let me borrow the lord of the rings books over the summer and informed me that i just had to read them.  so i want to read those, as well as the two books i got for christmas (forgotten god by francis chan, and radical by david platt) and i want to read knowing god by ji packer, and finish passion and purity by elisabeth elliot (both books i got from morgan for my hs graduation… yikes).  there are also a bunch of other books that i want to get from the library and read this summer.

– don’t stay up until 3 and sleep until 12

obviously, this only applies on the days that i am not working.  but, i am totally a night person by every definition, and i can’t even begin to tell you how often i accidentally stay up until 3, 4, or 5 am, and then sleep until noon or later.  (it’s already happened twice, and i’ve only been home for 5 nights…) so anyway, i want to try and be up by atleast 10:30 on the days that i don’t have work.

– print pictures and do something with them

i take so many pictures and you know how many of them i have printed in the last 7 months?  zero.  zero pictures printed.  so, i want to go through all of them and print a bunch out and do something with them, because really… what good are they doing sitting on my computer?

– take more pictures

alright, i realize this makes me sound ridiculous, since i just said i take a ton of pictures, which i do, but i feel like most of the pictures i take are random images of what my friends and i do.  that’s great, and there is nothing wrong with it, but i’d like to take some time this summer to really get better at using my camera for artful photography.

so, there you have it… some of my summer goals.  i’m sure that i will end up thinking of more as soon as i hit “publish” on this post… but for now, i think 15 is good.

if you’ve actually read all of these summer goals i feel like you should be rewarded, because i can’t imagine that was very fun. so here’s something that will hopefully make you smile:

he’s so cute i can hardly stand it.  can’t believe he’s going to be one so soon.  my gosh, i feel like he was just born!

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5 Responses to summer goals

  1. Annie says:

    want an accountability partner? i’m trying to really discipline myself to spend time with Jesus every day and i think it would make it easier if i had someone asking me if i was keeping up with it and what i was learning during that time. let me know what you think!

    a lot of the rest of your summer goals are mine too. we’ll see how it goes on my end. haha.

    • mary grace says:

      i would love that! lets do it!

      unrelated, but i know how much you love ncis… i just have to say, i started with season 1 over christmas break… and i just caught up with the season 8 finale today… and i cannot. freaking. wait. for season 9. i’m so addicted it’s crazy. just thought you’d like to know, haha.

      • Annie says:

        awesome! email me at anniesmusings{at}gmail{dot}com and we can start working out details. :]

        YES! i LOVE ncis! i tend to just watch the reruns on usa so i’ve seen most episodes but definitely not all of them. i’m thinking of using this summer to watch the entire series through so i know what’s up in time to watch season 9. so glad to hear you’re a fellow ncis junkie!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    First of all – if you happen to find a store that sells modest shorts, let me know! I don’t even wear shorts in the summer anymore, because they always seem to be wayyy too short.

    Second of all, have you heard of YouVersion? It’s an online community with like a bajillion translations of the Bible. I have the app downloaded on my BlackBerry, and it has devotional plans and you can bookmark favorite verses and all sorts of awesome stuff.

    Third of all, I think your 15 things are very well thought out and I hope you have an awesome and productive summer!

    • mary grace says:

      well, last summer i found 3 pairs of good shorts- one pair at old navy, one at h&m, and another at khols. i had to pick through a lot of not-so-modest things, and never found a decent pair of jean shorts, but i had a brown pair, a deep purple pair, and a blue and white striped pair that were in heavy rotation during the summer, since there’s no air conditioning at my house! unfortunately (or fortunately? i’m not sure, ha) none of them fit me anymore, because they are all too big. so the quest for shorts this summer is on! i’ll let you know if i find anything good.

      i haven’t ever heard for youversion, but i’ll have to check that out! sounds like a great tool!

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