there is such power in worship.

in praising the lord.

in raising your voice in song.

in meeting with him.

in reckless abandon.

in surrender.

in public declaration, and in private.

in telling the lord of the love that you have for him.

in begging for more.

in getting on your face in front of the creator.

it’s incredible. all of it. so many of the moments in life i’ve wanted to just freeze and linger in for a long, long time have taken place during worship. meeting with god… there is nothing like it. when you’re worshipping with fellow believers and you just know… he’s there. his presence is thick, tangible, and real. i love it. it’s a momentary taste of the kingdom- of what’s to come.

worship is my favorite.

‘i want to know you, let your spirit overwhelm me, let your presence overtake my heart.’

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